How To Use Kohls Coupons

I know using coupons on the Kohls website seems easy, but it’s not hard to get tripped up so I figured I’d make a quick post to explain it in detail. Obviously this only counts for the coupon codes, and not the printable coupons.

First let’s start by pretending I want a new pillow. You’d go to the search box and search for “pillow”. This will bring up the results where you can see Kohls selection of pillows. When you find the pillow you want, select the quantity you want, and click “Add To Cart” which is right next to the quantity box. The page will load and then a box will pop up in the top right corner showing that it was added to your cart and gives you the option to checkout now. Go ahead and click the Checkout button.

During the checkout you’ll need to enter your shipping address and other personal info. Click the continue button and it will bring you to the page where you can enter your payment details. Before you enter your payment info, go ahead and look on the left side where you can enter the coupon code. Use the code you found on Kohls Coupons and enter it into the box, then click “Apply”.

Your order total should update to a lower price if the coupon code is still active. If the coupon code has expired it will give you an error, and you’ll have to try another coupon code. You can then enter your payment details, and click “Continue” to go to the confirmation page.

Once on the confirmation page you can look the order over and if everything looks ok, go ahead and submit the order.